Charney Bassett and the surrounding area has lots of fascinating history and stories; from the earliest times to the present day. This website has been developed in order to capture some of these for your enjoyment, information and remembrance.

Whoever you are reading this – a villager, someone from further away, a researcher or anyone else – you are most welcome.

With your help we can improve and develop this site further. If you have additional information or believe something is incorrect or inappropriate please contact the website manager Amanda Graham at or contact one of our local historians .

If you would like to know how ‘it all started’ click here. And if you would like to know what’s new then see the updates list below.

What’s new since 2017 December’s Charney Chatter?

What’s new since 2017 October and November’s Charney Chatter?

What’s new since 2017 September’s Charney Chatter?

What’s new since 2017 August’s Charney Chatter?

What’s new since 2017 July’s Charney Chatter?

What’s new since 2017 June’s Charney Chatter?

What’s new since 2017 May’s Charney Chatter?

What’s new since 2017 April’s Charney Chatter?

  • The  Slate Club – under recent history, Charney Life
  • Village College – under recent history, Charney Life
  • A little more on Bush Barn Airfield & WW1 rationing book – under World Wars
  • Youth Club – under recent history, Charney Life
  • More photos – under The Gallery
  • Parish Records from 1617 to 1974 – under Buildings and Structures, St Peter’s Church, Records of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1617 to 1974 and under Resources
  • Various receipts – under Garages and also Resources, Receipts
  • More Newspaper Cuttings – under Resources
  • Additions to Feasts – under Charney Life

What’s new since 2017 March’s Charney Chatter?

  • The River Ock – under recent history
  • Map of the allotments – under Charney life
  • More School photos
  • Cricket Photos, Names added
  • More on The Chequers and The Horn Inns – Under buildings and Structures
  • Imperial War Graves Letter – under St Peter’s, Monuments
  • Aunt Sally Winners – Under Charney Life, Aunt Sally
  • Newspaper Clippings – Under Resources

What’s new since 2017 February’s Charney Chatter?

  • Cricket pitch plan – under Charney Life/Cricket Club
  • Text on the restoration of St Peter’s – Under Buildings and structures/St Peter’s/Restoration
  • Photos from 2009 Feast

What’s new since 2017 January’s Charney Chatter?

  • Various small additions and more photos across the site
  • Memories of Michael Cox – Under Charney Life, Memories
  • Saxon Brooch – under Finds in Fields/Gardens/Rivers
  • Quiz questions, answers, winners – under Resources/ Quizzes

What’s new since 2016 December’s Charney Chatter?

  • Ridge and Furrows – Under Lumps and Bumps
  • Various additions to St Peter’s Church, Charney Manor and the Village Cross
  • Restoration of St Peter’s Church Building
  • Restoration of the Bells of St Peter’s Church

What’s new since 2016 November’s Charney Chatter?

  • Recollections from Manor Farm – Under memories
  • Updates to World Wars page
  • Women’s Institute – Under Charney Life
  • Cricket Club – Under Charney Life
  • Photos added to CADS, May Day, Feasts, Charney Club – All under Charney Life
  • Electricity arrives – Under Memories
  • Minutes of Smallholders’ Meetings – Selected Extracts – Under Smallholdings
  • Mass dial and other additions – St Peter’s Church
  • Village Cross sundial updates
  • Vehicles – under Charney Life
  • School punishment book

 What’s new since the launch of the website on 19th September 2016?

  • Aerial photos
  • A condensed obituary of William Shippery – under Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
  • Field names – on the Maps Through Time area
  • Lumps and Bumps – all sorts of ring ditches, bronze age barrows, prehistoric pits 
  • Loads more photographs in the Photo Gallery

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