Various information is available regarding the plot locations and monument inscriptions in the churchyard of St Peter’s.

Record of Monumental Inscriptions
Record of Monumental Inscriptions

A record of the Monumental Inscriptions is available in the Oxford History Centre on the open shelves ‘Charney Bassett Monumental Inscriptions: Recorded by Jasmine S Howse’ Copyright Oxfordshire Family History Society 2006. It gives a typed version in the first part of book and a copy of the handwritten version in the second part and is an invaluable reference document. 

Information is also available from the Charney Bassett History Group.

The plot locations below have been provided by Joe Ody and show names and dates, where known. North is to the left and East, towards Lyford, is at the top of the page, St Peter’s itself would be bottom left. Any additional information would be gratefully received.

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