Charney Bassett Youth Club

Memories by Joanna Wakefield


This was held in the Village Hall on Thursday evening at 7.30 – 9.30pm. One of the older ones collected the key from Vic Hodgkins as we did not have anybody in charge nor did we have any alcohol etc. Yet there was no trouble, fighting nor anything else to cause concern. How times have changed!

We played records on a small record player, there was not much room for dancing as we also had the table tennis up. In those days the hall was very small which meant the table tennis table took up a lot of the hall. Dancing caused a problem as we danced so close to the record player, and every time we jumped to ‘Catch a Falling Star’ by Perry Como the needle would jump therefore the others would moan! We also played cards. On the side of the hall was a new extension and a small new kitchen. Here the urn was kept with a lot of cups and saucers this meant we had tea, coffee or squash to drink, yes no alcohol I cannot imagine this today. At the end we collected all up and washed and put all back neat and tidy. Vic Hodgkins came in at 9.30pm to collect the key and lock up. We all seemed to enjoy the evening.

A few names of the people that came to our youth club are – Jill Burson, Hilary Herbert, Maureen Clark, Veronica Peverill, Pam Hutt, Joanna Ody, John Webb, Colin Wheeler, Tony Dore, Malcolm Cox, Sue Axford, Robert Wyatt and Tony Smith from Stanford with Norman Ballard and Les Dawson from Goosey also looking in.

One summer we arranged a trip to Southsea. We hired a coach from Chandlers bus company at Wantage and we had a lovely day. Most of us spent it on the large fun fair there riding the ‘Wild Mouse’ out over the sea. We all got on the coach at approximately 6pm. All was going well until we arrived at Winchester, where coaches stop for 30mins to have a drink and go to the loo. The older boys and girls went in and bought drinks, the rest of us stayed outside or sat on the coach. Not long after, our friends all came and got on the coach – one snag – the driver would not come out so we all had to sit and wait until he came out. We knew he had taken advantage of us but there was nothing we could do. On arriving at Charney we were late because of the driver’s behaviour. My Dad and Mr. Hutt were waiting for the coach and they were extremely cross, so what had been a lovely day was spoilt. Not our fault but we got the blame!