The Charney Bassett History Group

What’s Happening?

This history website has been created and is maintained with the backing of the Parish Council. Work is ongoing and the website is promoted via regular updates in the Charney Chatter and via the email system.

Your ideas, contributions and comments are needed!

Want to know more about the History Group? Contact Joe Ody

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How it began

Several local residents were known to hold a wealth of knowledge about the history of the village, some of which could provide a starting point for research, linked to external sources of expertise and evidence.

However, informal approaches to put pen to paper did not bear fruit.

It was a decision by the Parish Council to appoint a communications team to: produce an electronic village newsletter, develop an email management system and re-launch their website which provided the necessary stimulus.

Feedback from residents revealed interest in including a history section on the village website. In late 2015 the communications team approached longstanding resident Joe Ody to host an exploratory meeting in The Chequers Inn.

Such was the interest that early in 2016 a village history group was formed operating on a less formal basis than a Society and utilising the Charney Chatter, email management system and the village website to help promote the Group, record information and provide a signpost to other sources of relevant information.

The enthusiasm, knowledge, and skills of those attending ensured the initiative took off at a pace. Bi-monthly meetings were held in the Chequers Inn for one hour. Individuals were asked to lead on topics of their choice and crisp action minutes ensured rapid progress was made. David Sibbert organised and facilitated the meetings which continue about every quarter.

It quickly became clear that with so much information coming to hand a separate linked website would be needed. The group recruited Amanda Graham who together with husband Ian developed a trial ‘history specific’ website.

A presentation was made to the Parish Council on 13 July 2106 followed by launch at a meeting in the Village Hall on 19 September 2016, attended by some 50 interested residents and invitees, and thought to be one of the biggest events held at the village hall.

The initiative has gone from strength to strength with 3,370 hits on the website in the first month to 15,118 in total since launch to mid November 2017 and an average of just over 1000 per month in 2017. A Christmas History Quiz and Summer History Treasure Hunt were also held, and we continue to get new enquiries, largely from people researching their family history, from all over the world.

A second open meeting was held on 5 July 2017 which resulted in 4 pilot archaeological test pits being dug on 15 September 2017, under the guidance of David Ashby, BA (Hons), MRes Archaeology, University of Winchester, the results of which are currently being evaluated.

The next steps?

In the near future the History Group and the Parish Council will address outstanding issues relating to continuity, accountability and how best this initiative might be taken forward in the future.

DS Nov 2017

(For the record the members the Group during this development period were:
Hugh Brookes
Barbara and David Douglas
Clive Dunn
Ruth Gerring
Amanda and Ian Graham
Elizabeth and Andrew Gunn
Mike Newman
Joe Ody
David Sibbert
Sheila Terry
Sue Wales
John Wright