The Length of the Road

Faringdon Folly & Diary Dec 2016

Death of Mr T W Craddock, Manor Farm

Death of Mr T W Craddock, Manor Farm
Faringdon Advertiser, 12/2/1921

Sale of The Capital Farm

The Capital Farm, Mr Robert Pike
Faringdon Advertiser, 18/7/1908

Sale of Home Farm

Home Farm Sale, Mr William Parker
Faringdon Advertiser, 5/8/1916

Pusey Estate Sale

Pusey Estate Sale
Faringdon Advertiser, 15/8/1908

Charney Bassett Novices Chase 5 March 1996

Novices Chase 5 March 1996

Emily Hayden’s 100th Birthday

Emily Hayden (picture)
Emily Hayden (text)




RSPCA fund raising

Play ‘n’ Pray

Play ‘n’ Pray

The Smithy and The Chequers

The Smithy and The Chequers

The Chequers for ‘Sale’

For Lease 2007
For Lease 2012

Sale of Rectory Farm, Sept 24th 1940

Sale of Rectory Farm 24th Sept 1940

Charney Chatter

Charney Chatter Starts

The Bench

and John has since made an Oak replacement bench in 2017 replacing the elm one which lasted 14 years.

The (Faringdon) Archery Club

The Archery Club 1962

1962: Faringdon was set to be put on the map by one of its youngest organisations – the Archery Club. The club was started in 1961 and now hoped to host the National Archery Championships at Charney Bassett where the club holds its outdoor shoots. The club had about 30 members.

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