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Covid-19 Pandemic

Early in 2020 the WHO declared a pandemic for Covid-19.

The UK went into lockdown on 24 March 2020 (and started to ease at the end of May).

We were blessed with wonderful weather for the whole of that period. May was the sunniest calendar month on record, and spring was the sunniest spring, the Met Office has said. The UK enjoyed 266 hours of sunshine in May – surpassing the previous record of 265 hours in June 1957.

And it is even more extraordinary following a drenching winter, with record rain in February.

The actions taken to limit the spread of the CORONAVIRUS and on our community were profound and here are some of more obvious for the record:

  • Social distancing (2m)
  • no non-essential journeys
  • one form of exercise outside per day per person
  • Lots more working from home
  • The Chequers closed but switched to take-a-ways
  • Clap for the Carers on Thursday night plus other instruments, bells, clarinet, ukulele and pots and pans
  • Playground closed
  • Village Hall closed
  • Village college classes moved on line via ‘Zoom’
  • Parish Council offering help/point of contact
  • Individuals offering to do shopping, pharmacy runs etc
  • Road maintenance continued!
  • Some building works continued
  • Very low levels of traffic, MOT expiries extended
  • Amazingly low numbers of aircraft (mainly cargo and repatriation), with contrails a rare sight
  • Collective effort to make and donate laundry bags for NHS, Paramedics and other critical workers
  • Face masks made
  • Birthday parties ‘over the fence’
  • Millets and Frosts switched to ‘click and collect’
  • No group games on the playing field, no ping pong, no Aunt Sally
  • No May Day on the green
  • VE day 75th commemoration front garden parties
  • Online projects such as rainfall data digitisation via Zooniverse
  • Teddy Bears, other animals and rainbows in windows
  • The Chequers’ online sock hunt
  • St Peter’s Church closed
  • On-line church services
  • Light for hope on in the church
  • Easter garden in the church porch
  • Parish Council meetings via video conference
  • Posties, milkmen, Newspaper and couriers carried on delivering
  • Bin collection continued, recycling and waste disposal sites closed
  • No bonfires
  • Charney Manor closed
  • Lots of gardening done
  • Charney Army suspended
  • David Sibbert
  • Home haircuts the norm
  • Ordering food internet delivery sometimes at 2.00am!
  • Food delivery at 5.30am
  • Mammoth jigsaw puts dining table out of use
  • Sat pm without the anxiety of the football results.
  • Chequers outside walky- talky collection service with Jacqui shouting from the kitchen ‘love you’
  • Few cars but more speeding.
  • No SpeedWatch
  • Dentist/ optician closed
  • Fingers crossed no need for plumber, electrician.
  • Fingers crossed no broadband computer or TV problems
  • Wearing plastic gloves to deliver Seven Voices 
  • Shortage of toilet rolls
  • Friendliness of cyclists, walkers etc
  • Daily government news broadcast 
  • Domestic heating oil at the lowest price for years
  • No table tennis.
  • No bar chat over a pint in the local on a Friday night
  • Pilates and yoga classes via Zoom
  • Record sales at Charney plant stall