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Minutes of Smallholders’ Meetings – Selected Extracts

Vol 1 1908-1914

Page 185.  (Jan) 1912. Paragraph 487.   Charney Bassett.

The question of a Right of Way over certain property owned by Mr Rice having been raised, it was ascertained that Mr Rice would entertain an offer to sell the Manor Farm [this would be the land surrounding Charney Manor] consisting of 95 3/4 acres of arable and 98 1/2 acres of pasture land, the Manor House and buildings not being included in the sale. The land has been reported upon by the Land Steward and the Sub Committee are of the opinion that it is advisable to acquire it. It is surrounded almost entirely by property of the County Council and outstanding applications would warrant its acquisition. The Sub Committee have informed Mr Price’s Agent that they are not in a position to make an offer for the land, but that if a reasonable offer were submitted it would be recommended to the Committee for approval. Should this course be found possible there would be no need to consider the question of the Right of Way.

Vol 2 1915-1920

Page 502. [April 1917] Paragraph 926.   Charney.

Access by Mrs Bond’s cottage to the Council’s property.

The following report was read;-

An important access to the Council’s property at Charney Bassett has been obstructed by a man named William Bond, who is brother to and lives with a certain Mrs Bond, the owner of a cottage and land abutting on the north of the approach. The access referred to is from off the Charney & Longworth road, through a gateway on the Council’s land lying to the east of the Charney -Longworth road. The access in question was not coloured in on the Sales Particulars plan nor the plan on the conveyance when the property was purchased by the Council in August 1908 from the Pusey Estate. In July 1909, while T.W.Craddock the Vendor’s Tenant, was still in possession, the way was temporarily obstructed by the late. J.Bond, husband of the present owner of the cottage adjoining who claimed it had been conveyed to him when he purchased his cottage seven years previously.

Letter from T.M.Craddock. 14th. 7. 09. The farmer stated that he himself used the access for farm purposes for 23 years and that men in Charney had known it used for 70 years, and that Mr Pusey had found that the gate put at the entrance and he himself had had it hung, and that the owner of the adjoining cottage had only claimed the access as his private way the previous autumn.

[Note this extract from the Longworth Parish Magazine November 1909: ‘We shall miss the presence among us of so many of our old parishioners, who are leaving us to go into other parishes in consequence of the changes connected with the working of the Small Holding Act. We shall especially miss Mr and Mrs Craddock, who have always been such good friends to Charney. May we remember one another in our prayers.’]

Vol 3 1921-1926

Page 78.   Para 228   March 1922      Holding No 13.

(a)   Holding No. 13 (Application from Mr. J.H. Nicholson for tenancy. Deferred.)

Sub Committee had before them an application from Mr J.H. Nicholson of Bloxham, Oxon for the tenancy of Holding No 13. As Mr Nicholson was not on the list of approved applicants for Berkshire prior to 1st December 1920, the consideration of the application was adjourned to enable the Director to ascertain whether there was any approved applicant on the list who was qualified and desired to take the Holding.

(b)   Holding No. 25 (Application from Major William Cripps for tenancy. Agreed.)

An Application by Major William Cripps for the tenancy of Holding No 25 was laid before the sub Committee. Major Cripps was a native of Berkshire and had made an application through the Wiltshire Committee prior to 1st December 1920. He had been interviewed and his references were satisfactory. Resolved: that the transfer of Holding No. 25 to Major William Cripps be agreed to.

Page 149   Paragraph 413    Holding No. 16.

It was reported that the tenant of Holding No. 16 at Charney Bassett was in ill health and had asked to be allowed to surrender his holding; he had also introduced an applicant, Mr. H.A.Warner, who had agreed with him as to the ingoing valuation. There being no ex-serviceman on the list of applicants who applied prior to 1st December 1920 with sufficient capital for this Holding, the minister’s commissioner had agreed to the transfer of Mr Warner. The transfer took effect as from Michaelmas last.

Page 185   February 1924    Paragraph 521    Charney Bassett. Holding No: 22.

The Director of Agriculture reported that the tenant of Holding No. 22 at Charney Bassett (B.C.Booker) wished to surrender his Holding and had introduced an ex-service applicant therefor, the applicant (R.M.Hobson) had been interviewed and appeared to be a very suitable tenant; his father was prepared to advance him capital to the extent of £700. Resolved: That the surrender of the holder accepted and the transfer to Mr R.M. Hobson be approved. Prior to the new tenant taking possession the Director of Agriculture was authorised to have the necessary internal cleansing, painting, etc done to the dwelling house at an approximate cost of about £40 and to have certain exterior work done for the preservation of the property at an estimated cost of about £20.

Page 191   Paragraph 539    Holding No: 22   March 1924.

It was reported that R.M. Hobson had taken over the tenancy of Holding No. 22 at Charney Bassett as from Michaelmas last. The Chairman having been over the Holding was of the opinion that it would improve the Holding if from 10 to 12 acres were laid down to grass and it was Recommended: That an expenditure of approximately £65 be approved for the erection of the necessary fencing, provided the tenant would provide the seeds etc, and on condition that the land laid down to grass is left as permanent pasture at the expiration of the tenancy and that no claim for compensation in respect thereof be made. The tenant also applied for additional accommodation be provided for eight cows, and the Sub Committee approved the provision of mangers and stall divisions, to give the accommodation required, at an estimated cost of £17.5.0.

Page 226   January 1925     Paragraph 642.   (b) Dairy accommodation.

The Director of Agriculture reported that tenants of Holdings 11 and 13 are at present using the same building for cooling the milk with two other tenants. This arrangement is most unsatisfactory and he suggested that the present building (which has always been reserved “in hand” and not let to any one tenant) be allocated definitely to Messrs Warner and Hobson, and that portions of the existing buildings on Holdings 11 and 13 be converted for use by these tenants as cooling sheds. The cost of this work was estimated at approximately at £48 and £38 respectively, and each of the four tenants was willing to pay a slight increase in rent if these proposals are adopted.

Recommended: Approved @ 5% total outlay be charged to the four tenants.

Page 285   June 1926 Paragraph 782    (a) Holding No. 22.

Application by the holder of No. 22 for a double pigstye to be built on the Holding, was presented and the Sub Committee were informed that at present there is no accommodation for pigs on the Holding, The estimated cost of providing the Stye would be about £30.

Recommended: That a double pigstye be provided on condition that the tenant agrees to pay an additional rent of £5 per annum on the outlay.

Vol 4 1927-1932

Page 156   Para 407   April 1931 (b) Surplus cottage rents.

The sub Committee were of the opinion that in view of the costs of maintenance such rents should be increased as from Lady Day 1931.

No: of cottage.

Tenant’s name.

Existing rent.

Revised rent.


Mrs E. Alder.




W. J. Bouchier.




T. Belcher.



10 & 11.

Mrs C. Douglas



6 & stable.

Mrs Tilly Godfrey




G. Hayden



2 & 3

W. H. Miles



8 & 9

C. Taylor




J. Thompson




F. Wheeler




A. Whiting




C. Woodbridge




Sid Head




Vol 6 1939-1947

Page 96    Para 316   October 1943

Recommend: that Holding 12a of 30 acres be transferred to Mr L. Brice @ £40 per annum and Holdings Nos. 19a, 20a & 20b of 49 acres to Mr Basil Sharpus of Aldermaston for £96.10.0

(c) Holding No. 22. The Chairman informed the sub-Committee that as requested at the last meeting he had inspected this Holding and that certain amendments had been made to the items of improvements previously before the committee. Revised estimates had been received for the work now considered necessary, namely the construction of a concrete manger in the cow house and laying concrete in a portion of the yard and in front of the existing loose boxes. Confirmed & approved @ £29.1.0 (H.J. Knapp & Sons).

Page 11    Para H/41 June 1950       Holding 22

Cowhouse improvement. R.M. Hobson.

To enable the tenant of this Holding to obtain a T.T. Licence certain improvements to the cowshed have been called for by the County Milk Production Officer.

Resolved: that the necessary work be carried out by R. Irwin of Shrivenham £2.13.0

Para 42     June 1950 Electricity.

Southern Electricity Board propose to construct within the next nine to twelve months an 11,000 Volt overhead line which will serve the village of Charney Bassett. Certain cottages and farm buildings would fall within the area of low tension supply contemplated. Approximate estimate £1844 to serve eight outlying Holdings subject to guarantees by the tenants of minimum annual payments for five years. Resolved: Arrangements be made for the electrical supply to be connected to the Council’s Holdings in this area. (September 1950. All tenants willing to co-operate.)

Page 26    Para H/96 January 1951     Cottages 6 & 7

(Abbreviated) Mrs Tilly Godfrey died. Roy Hodgekins purchased her cottage and his own for £650.

Page 43    Para H/153 June 1951        Holding No: 22.

Re-laying of scullery floor.

The old flagstones of the scullery floor in the part of the farmhouse attached to this Holding are badly worn and extremely difficult to keep clean. Resolved: that necessary work be carried out by Pendell & Spinage @ £19.18.8

September 1954, Death of R.M. Hobson.

It is reported with regret that the death of Mr R.M. Hobson who had been tenant of this Holding since September 29th 1923 occurred on 10th August 1954. A letter of sympathy has been sent to Mrs Hobson.

The son, Mr Richard M Hobson and his wife who live and have worked on the Holding were interviewed by the Sub Committee when he was considered a very suitable applicant should the father’s Holding become vacant. Resolved: that Mr R.M. Hobson be granted the tenancy of this Holding as from Michaelmas 1954 at a rent of £105 per annum.

Final Volume 1959 – 1974

H/58 Ptll ParaH/902 September 1959

Urgent repairs are necessary to open cartsheds at Goosey Wick Farm. Holdings 8 & 11 and Manor Farm Holding No. 22 and also repairs to close boarded yard gates to buildings attached to Holding 15a in the occupation of Mr R.M. Hobson. Resolved: that necessary work be carried out by R.H. Irwin @ £69.14.0

Page H/20 & 21 Para H/14 June 1964

Resolved: that Mr F.C. Akers be served notice to quit Holdings: 12b 16 21b & 24. September 29th 1965 after repeated warnings.

H/15 Holding No. 13 Mr J.H. Nicholson.

Retirement accepted subject to retaining cottage @ 20/- per week from 29/9/64 Land and buildings available for re-letting.

Recommend: that the Chairman be authorised to allocate the land among other Holdings adjoining on terms to be agreed on temporary basis until a re-organisation of all the Holdings at Charney Bassett can be effected.

Page H/l9 para H/l72   June 1969 Holdings 12b 16 21b & 24

F.C. Akers. deceased.

It is reported with regret that Mr F.C. Akers passed away on 25th March 1969.

There is reason to believe that the late Mr. Akers liabilities will exceed his assets and it is recommended that the Council’s Valuers be instructed to prepare A Schedule of Dilapidations and that authority be given to surrender terms.

Para H/173       Sid Head died 11th March. 1969

Page H/30 Para H/l 98 September 1969 (Arrangements for disposal of Mr Akers’ effects.)

Page H/30 Para H/20   June 1970 R.M. Hobson.

This tenant in consultation with the Milk Marketing Board is desirous of milking through a Bulk Tank and has asked if the Committee will carry out the necessary adaptation of the dairy building to allow for this to be installed. Certain other minor alterations such as gates etc to allow access for the Bulk Tanker are necessary. The estimated cost is: £200 which should attract grant aid. Accepted.

(Mr R.M, Hobson declared his interest in this matter persuant to Section 76 of the Local Government Act of 1933 and withdrew from the meeting while the matter was discussed.)

Page H/20 Para (iv)     March 1972

The Glebe at Charney owns an area of .156 acre situate adjoining the Manor Farmhouse and indeed at present forms part of the Manor House front garden, having been rented from the Oxford Diocesan Dilapidation Board since 1913 at a rental of 50 pence per annum. The Diocesan Board are now seeking to regain possession of this land for the purpose of building a new parsonage house for the parish of Charney. It would be detrimental to the Manor Farmhouse for a parsonage house to be built in the garden and it is recommended that negotiations be opened with a view to arrange an exchange of land to give them a plot on the area for which planning permission has been sought. (Mr Hobson declared his interest but was asked to remain.)