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Finds from gardens, fields and rivers

There have been lots of artifacts found in gardens, fields and rivers. Some of these are set out below. The ones specifically from archaeological digs can be found on the dig pages.

Axe Head [from River Ock]

Flint Axe-Head

A polished flint axe-head was dredged from the River Ock at Charney Bassett in the summer of 1978. It was recovered from the Thames Water Authority spoil heap by Basil Sharpus. The axe head is of read more…


17th Century Potsherd

This is a picture of a potsherd found in a garden in Charney. It comes from a bottle or flagon probably made in Cologne or Frechen, around 1500 – 1700 AD. A great deal of this pottery was imported to England in the seventeenth century, as was the white wine of the region.

Flint Flakes and Tools

The Mesolithic Period, also called Middle Stone Age, existed between the Paleolithic Period (Old Stone Age), with its chipped stone tools, and the Neolithic Period (New Stone Age), with its polished stone read more…

Saxon Brooch B&W

Saxon Brooch

The  brooch, from Cherbury Camp, is held in the reserve collection of The Ashmolean Museum and is not on display. There are no other Anglo-Saxon or medieval objects from Cherbury Camp in the Ashmolean collection.  The brooch was originally given read more…

Clay Balls [from Mill Cottage]

Clay Balls

Found in the vicinity of the Mill.

These are most likely to be Victorian clay marbles – they probably were once bottle stoppers – when the bottles were empty the kids used to read more…

Seventeenth Century Coin

Coin found in same garden as the seventeenth century potsherd is a twopence from the reign of Charles II (1660-85).

The coin is silver (0.81g) and was read more…

William III Coin

William III Halfpenny Coin

A William III Halfpenny Coin, 3rd issue (showing Britannia with hand on knee) dated to 1699-1701, was found around the area of Barnfield read more…

Cache of old bottles found in Charney

Photos of old bottles found in a garden in Charney. Eiffel Tower Lemonade, Foster Clark Ltd of Maidstone; Owbridges Lung Tonic, Clegg Mineral Water, W A Payne, Wantage; Morland Ltd, Abingdon; Wantage Brewery Co; Carsons HP Sauce (Carson invented HP Sauce and sold it on). To view more photos click here.