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Charney Bassett Tennis Club

In 1967, a group of the original residents of Orchard Close negotiated to rent the tennis court from Charney Manor, and formed Charney Bassett Tennis Club to raise the yearly rental.

The club attracted members from Charney and surrounding villages including Hinton Waldrist, Southmoor, Kingston Bagpuize and the Hanneys, soon totalling over 40 members. A tournament was held each year and in the 1980s matches were played against local clubs including Abingdon and Southmoor.

1991 was the last year for the club tournament. Although the tennis court was beginning to deteriorate, the Club continued for a few more years but was losing members to Hanney and Southmoor following construction of new courts there. Eventually the court became unsafe to play on and the Club closed.

Finally, the remaining Club funds were used to buy a basketball hoop which was erected by the Charney Army in 2010.

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