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Manor Farm

Manor Farm 1930s (courtesy of Brian and Christine Trotman)

Memories of Manor Farm have been written down by John Hobson and are available from Sheila Terry or Joe Ody if anyone would like to look at them. The main part is 21 pages with photos plus appendices on Dick Hobson and Robert.

It starts ‘My parents came to Manor Farm in 1924, having returned from their second Australian adventure after the first World War. Brother Dick was then only three years old, quite unaware that he would be the “final farmer” there!’.

A plan and aerial view of the farm, followed by some of the photos from the family album are reproduced below. Click on those in the gallery if you would like to enlarge and scroll.

Aerial Photo - Manor Farm
Aerial Photo – Manor Farm
Sketch plan - Manor Farm
Sketch plan – Manor Farm


This photo is of John Hobson of Manor farm one of the Hobson family, brother of Dick Hobson. He now lives in Rugby and still delivers the papers on his scooter in his 90s. (Date of entry 1/1/19.)

St Mary’s, Longworth, Parish Magazine

January 1910: We are sorry to hear of the serious illness of Mr Richard Rickards, of Lyford, whose coming to Charney to take the Manor Farm, has consequently been postponed. We sincerely hope that before long we may D.V. have better news of his state of health.

April 1910: We are glad to welcome to Charney Mr. and Mrs. Rickards, whose wedding took place on February 23, and we wish them every happiness and prosperity.

October 1910: We are pleased to hear that Mr. R. Rickards, of the Manor House, has recovered from his recent illness.