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Edward & Anne Hammond

c1920. Edward Alfred Hammond (1872-1944) and his wife Alice Anne (1873-1955) outside their home at 28 New Road. They lived here with their three sons while farming part of Manor Farm and some of Goosey Wick. Mr Hammond formed the Charney herd of British Friesian dairy cattle which was one of the first such herds in the country. Previously Mr Hammond had been a coachman to a family living at 160 Boulevard Haussmann in Paris. However, when the family wished to use a car Mr Hammond declined to be their chauffeur and took his family by way of Benson and Crowmarsh to settle at Charney Bassett. In their large garage at Charney they housed a pony and tubb which Mrs Hammond would drive; in due course they acquired a smart maroon Citroën. Their two elder sons Edward Harold (1898-1980) and Wilfred Hammond (1899-1984) farmed Rectory Farm at West Hanney where they formed the Broadhurst herd of Friesians.

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