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Born in Garford in 1914, Maud moved to Charney Bassett in 1924 where she spent most of her life until her death in 1990.

This 129 page book is now out of print and is available on loan by emailing joseph.ody192@btinternet.com

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Bill lived in Charney Bassett for 80 years before moving to Thame. He died in 2021 aged 101 and is buried in St Peter’s graveyard (13 Oct 2021). 

The book gives a fascinating insight into his life in Charney and is available from Sheila Terry email terry_s1@sky.com

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A Life in the Vale of the White Horse

‘It’s 65 years this month since I earned my first sixpence’

Transcribed and edited by DR Williams, August 1990

This 12 page typewritten document is available by emailing joseph.ody192@btinternet.com

Memories of Manor Farm - John Hobson
Memories of Manor Farm – John Hobson

Memories of Manor Farm

 by John Hobson

Memories of Manor Farm have been written down by John Hobson which is available from Sheila Terry or Joe Ody if anyone would like to look at it. The main part is 21 pages with photos plus appendices on Dick Hobson and Robert.

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This 70 page book is available to view. Contact joseph.ody192@btinternet.com. It is also available in the Reference Section of Wantage Library.




1983 – 1995

A fascinating scrapbook containing newspaper cuttings, extracts from the Church magazine, and local photographs of life in Charney Bassett.

The scrapbook is available to view by contacting joseph.ody192@btinternet.com

Mill History and Description: Bruce Hedge
Mill History and Description: Bruce Hedge



Charney Bassett Mill

A former water-powered corn mill – a history and description. Bruce Hedge, May 2016. Available for purchase from the author.

St Peter's Church Booklet
St Peter’s Church Booklet

St Peter’s Church Booklet. Available for purchase at the Church.

A History of Charney Manor

A History of Charney Manor: By Harriet Salisbury, 1989.

In the 1980s a new booklet was needed for guests who continually asked about The Manor’s history. Harriet Salisbury, daughter of Elizabeth who was one of the trustees, researched the manor mainly at the Reading Record Office. The 32 page document she produced is reproduced here in three parts (click on each to download). A short summary of the document was used for the booklets.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

First Charney Bassett Parish Council 5th May 1952

Forward to the First Charney Bassett Parish Council Meeting

It is with pleasure I write this forward, for in so doing the very first record of a Parish Council in Charney Bassett will be commenced.

Never before has this little village had its own properly elected Council, and very seldom has it had and [any] form of Parish Meeting, but after some persuasion the County Council of Berkshire have finally made the necessary order, enabling a Parish Council to be formed, and we in the village have gladly put it into effect….

Download full version of the forward as a PDF Version

Download full version of the forward as a Word Version

Council for British Archaeology – Charney Bassett 1978

The Council for British Archaeology (Regional Group 9) published a village survey on Charney Bassett in their ‘Newsletter 8 1978’. It gives a interesting and comprehensive overview of the village in about 8 pages with maps. You can read it here Newsletter 8 1978.

Country Life Magazine:

The Manor House, Charney Bassett, Berks – Part I
September 25 1942. Pages 602-605

The Manor House, Charney Bassett, Berks – Part II
October 2 1942. Pages 650-653

Larger Medieval Houses in the Vale of White Horse

Larger Medieval Houses in the Vale of White Horse. By C. R. J. Currie A paper with lots of architectural detail about Charney Manor published in Oxeniensia Volume LVII (1992)

Volume LVII (1992)

The original publication can be found here.

A copy is available as a pdf here Larger Medieval Houses in VWH Currie.

Oxfordshire Local History Vol 10 No2

Contents List

The Thames Valley Project

This report contains information on Cherbury Camp and comparisons with other Iron Age Forts. It is available to download.

Available on Amazon.

Includes tales of Charney Bassett such as:

  • The banishment of the fourteenth century monk Robert of Glastonbury to Charney Manor for a period of penitence and prayer … and his presence is still felt….It includes other haunting tales of the Manor and Churchyard.
  • The battle for Cherbury Camp and awarding of the Pusey Horn.

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This 276 page book by Eleanor G Hayden was published in 1908 and contains several references to Charney Bassett.

For more information contact joseph.ody192@btinternet.com

Quiet roads and sleepy villages by Fea, Allan, 1913.

Various observations re St Peter’s and Charney Manor.

Specific Reference to the double bell-cot.