In the 1920s The Nazarenes met in Bessie Harris’, one of the thatched cottages opposite the Chapel in Little Lane, and later in Mr and Mrs Alder’s thatched cottage by the green after Bessie Harris died. (‘The Cottage on the Green’ was two dwellings at the time Mr and Mrs Alder’s was the one further from the road).

Meetings were held on Sunday mornings and evenings and one evening in the week. Most members came on bicycles from surrounding villages, including Lyford, Hanney and Letcombe. Baptisms were carried out in the stream in Hanney.

They are buried in the churchyard with simple iron crosses for headstones.

[Source The Length of the Road Maud Ody pp 30, 37]

From the Parish records: ‘ALDER Emma, 92 years old, April 1962, A Nazarene buried by Minister.’

Iron Cross
Iron Cross

E. Fitchett

Is this one of the Nazarene crosses?