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There were two garages at various times in Charney Bassett. ‘Threeways Garage’ in Lyford Road near the junction with Main Street and one in New Road (the current disused McBain site).

Alistair Luker recalls: ‘My father, John Luker, bought the garage site from the Steven’s family, who ran it as a bus and coach garage; I think from about 1946-7. My father owned the garage from September 1962 until his death in 1983, from when my mother took sole ownership. A part of the property, namely the forecourt and main workshop was leased from us by Peter Scott between 1981-88 (run by Peter and Graham Scott) ; although he sublet for part of this time.

From 1989 we obtained planning permission to build two detached properties on the site which we sold in 1991 and 1993. I of course remained in the bungalow until 2007 and this has now since been recently converted into a house.

Any further information on and photos of either of these garages would be welcomed.

John Luker – August 1983

John Luker will be missed greatly and remembered with affection for many a long year.

He was brought up in a large family, with no money to spare for luxuries, and with a strict Christian background. As a young man he joined the Royal Navy, at a time of unemployment. During World War 2, in part of which he was on loan to the Australian navy, he served in both the Far East and the Atlantic. He was torpedoed, three times, once in a Norwegian fiord and twice in the Far East, when he had to swim ashore in shark infested waters off Borneo.

After the war was over, with a demob suit and £100 to his credit, he began the years of hard work at a variety of jobs, all as part of the plan to eventually own his own garage. This he did in Charney Bassett; later adding to it a village shop and a Post Office.

All who knew him benefitted from their contact with him. He helped those without a job, sometimes providing them with complete provisions for a week from his grocery store. His word was his bond and people knew it to their advantage and were grateful for it. He brought with him a spirit of help and kindness and laughter. He took with him a memory of gratitude and affection from those left behind.

Dr.R.Holland, CBE. [From Dot Ackland’s Scrapbook]

Threeways Garage

Stevens’ Garage
Threeways Garage - Shell [Christine & Alastair Leuker]
Threeways Garage – Shell [Christine & Alistair Luker]
Aerial view of Threeways Garage 1965 [Christine & Alastair Leuker]
Aerial view of Threeways Garage 1965 [Christine & Alistair Luker]

[Note that the thatch is missing from the roof of the house on the corner – it is on the green]

Threeways Garage - Shell [Christine & Alastair Luker]
Threeways Garage – Shell [Christine & Alistair Luker]
Threeways Garage - Avia [Christine & Alastair Leuker]
Threeways Garage – Avia [Christine & Alistair Luker] June 1989
Demolition of Threeways Garage [Christine & Alastair Leuker]
Demolition of Threeways Garage [Christine & Alistair Luker]
Aerial photo 1993 Threeways Garage replaced by houses [Christine & Alastair Leuker]
Aerial photo 1993 Threeways Garage replaced by houses [Christine & Alistair Luker]

Bill of Sale – Morris Minor 1960

Car sale 1960

New Road Garage

New Road Garage: Stan and RoY Hodgkins 1949
New Road Garage: Stan and Roy Hodgkins 1949
MoT Test Finch Garage
Finch Garage reciept