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The Club was formed in November, 1987 under the name ‘The Thursday Club’.

The purpose of the Club was to:

‘welcome all Charney Bassett villagers and friends to enjoy a sociable afternoon on various occasions during the year’

It changed its name to The Charney Club at the end of the first meeting when it was realised that the Manor was not always available on Thursdays.

It had no membership, no committee and no treasurer. Arrangements for each meeting were made on an ad hoc basis based on members’ ideas, supported by help from volunteers within the Group. Attendees contributed 50p towards the cost of using Charney Manor.

The Club folded after its 74th meeting in early 2000.

A detailed note of each get together is immaculately documented in a folder listing the talks, outings and charitable activities held during its thirteen year existence.

The folder (and a photograph album) is available to view by contacting  Joe Ody.