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‘The Chequers Inn’ opened certainly before 1806  {in ?} and is still running as the village pub.



It has been owned by:

  • Wantage Brewery
  • Morlands
  • Brakspears (currently)

Berkshire County Council used to hire a room at The Chequers every six months for collecting rent from the small holders and cottagers.

The Chequers Inn and The Horn Inn also had land at the rear and access from ‘Buckland Road’ (see map). The brewery sold this land and the existing bungalows were built.


Lease for a year, 19/Oct/1803Parties:
1. William Crowdy, Highworth, Wilts, gentleman, trustee for Thomas Price Belcher, Daniel Giles, James Crowdy and William Pinder
2. Francis Heath, Great Faringdon, common brewer
Property: The Chequers, the adjoining cottage and garden and the adjoining land called Esquires Close all in Charney
Consideration: 5s
Oxfordshire History Centre
Soon after 1806James Crowdy owned the Manor House, a great deal of the village 'including the two inns'A history of Charney Manor, by Harriet Salisbury, 1989
1841Charles Grimshaw - Living with his family including James. Not clear whether they were running the pub as the image quality makes it hard to readCensus
(1851-1864+)Charles Grimshaw: Chequers Inn and ShopkeeperPost Office Directory of Berkshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire; with Bedfordshire,Buckinghamshire and Huntingdonshire. [1854]
1851 Census
1856 Newspaper Article
1861 Census
1868Stephen Allen
1871Stephen Allen1871 Census (see image below this table) and via Jacqui Gately (a descendant in Australia)
at the same time he was also a Miller's labourer at Charney Mill. He lived at Chequers Inn with his 32yo daughter Elizabeth ALLEN, and a 9yo grandson Richard William ALLEN (his son Charles' son)
1881Thomas Boucher1881 Census

Thomas Boucher was the publican for 27 years. Mary FROUD [1669] married Thomas BOUCHER in 1873. He was described as an Innkeeper and Bootmaker in 1881 and a shoemaker and Publican in 1891 when they are at The Chequers, Charney Bassett.Kelly’s Directory of Berkshire.

North Wilts Herald – Friday 14 November 1890
1891 Census
1899 Thomas BoucherKelly’s Directory of Berkshire, 1889
1901Thomas Boucher1901 Census
1907William ChurchKelly’s Directory of Berkshire, 1907
1911William Kerridge1911 Census
1915William Kerridge (also the blacksmith)Kelly’s Directory of Berkshire 1915
1920 until at least 1939 (possibly also there during some part of WW I)Alfred Frank Sheppard
Matilda Sheppard
Kelly’s Directory of Berkshire
[Frank given as 'Coach Builder' and Matilda as 'Dress Maker' in 1911 Census]. Frank is buried in St Peter's graveyard.
1939 Census
Dec 1990Pam and Brian Barrett
2003Phil and Naomi Curtis
CurrentIan and Jacqui Crayford
The Chequers Census Record 1871

Wantage Brewery Company

Wantage Brewery Ales

The Wantage Brewery Company Limited was registered in 1865 as a limited liability company to acquire the business operating at the Wantage Brewery, Back Street, Wantage. A new company of the same name was registered in 1901 as a reconstruction of the old company. It was taken over by Morland & Company Limited of Abingdon in 1930 and ceased to trade. The Wantage Brewery ceased to brew in 1939.

The advent of motorised transport between the wars meant that breweries could enlarge their areas of operation, and led to an acceleration of takeovers and mergers in the industry. Expansion of Morland trade continued with the acquisition of five further breweries commencing with the Wantage Brewery in 1920.

North Wilts Herald – Friday 14 November 1890
Petty Sessions. – On Tuesday—before T. L Goodlake, Esq, W. Dundas Esq. E. Hanbury, Esq., Viscount Barrington Capt. Loder Symonds, the Hon. W. B. Barrington, and the Hon. D. P. Bouverie- Robert Barrett, James Simmonds, and Joseph Jackson, laborers, of Charney were charged with being on licensed premises at Charney during prohibited hours on Oct 30th. Thomas Boucher, landlord of the Chequers Inn, was charged with allowing the consumption of beer at the same time and place—Mr. G. J. Haines defended.—The case was proved by P.C.s Portchmouth and Smith.—lt was urged on the part of defendants that the real time was only one or two minutes past ten.— The magistrate fined the laborers 10s. each, including costs.—Boucher was fined £1 and 9s. 6d. costs. This being the first offence the license was not endorsed.

Fire at The Chequers 1923

North Wilts Herald – Friday 27 April 1923

CHARNEY. FIRE In the early hours of Thursday morning the Wantage Fire Brigade received a call to the Chequers Inn, (Charney Bassett), of which Mr. Shepherd is the licensee. On arriving at the the scene they found that the wash-house was well alight, and was practically destroyed. The Brigade prevented the outbreak spreading, and returned home about 7 am. The Brigade were under the Charge of Capt. A. V. Gibbs and Lieut. J. Welch


Barrett Family Tree

The Chequers at Pendon

Pendon Museum preserves the idyllic rural scene and transport of the 1920s and 30s in a miniature form for future generations to enjoy. Pendon Museum, Long Wittenham, Abingdon, Oxfordshire. OX14 4QD.

A fantastic model of The Chequers has been completed in 2017. It was made by Jane Britton. The photos below were taken by John Millman and provided by David Day.

Click and scroll for larger images.

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