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List of Beesleys

The Beesleys of Charney. [By Steve Beesley]

A list of Beesley family members with connections to Charney. Where a name in the text is shown in bold, the named person will also have their own entry in the list.


Charney parish records as shown on the Oxfordshire Family History Society CD ref: OXF-FAR01.

On-line records available through Find My Past.

Anne Beesley (nee Lyford) 1811-1870 Farmer’s wife.

My document “Charles Beesley wife” discussed who Charles married. I believe his wife was Anne (or Ann) Lyford. Daughter of Joseph and Sarah, she was born in East Hanney on 23 May 1810 and baptised there on 28 May 1810. Charles and Ann or Anne share a grave and headstone in Charney. She died on 10 Dec 1870 and was buried on 14 Dec 1870.

Charles Beesley 1797-1872 Farmer.

The son of John Beesley (1771-1825) and Elizabeth Dewe (1770-1836). He was baptised in Charney on 6 Feb 1797.

The census of 6 June 1841 shows him to be a farmer living in Charney, with his siblings: Elizabeth b.1809, James b. 1813, Mariah b. 1815 and John b.1821.

He married Anne Lyford in Longworth parish about May 1840.

The census of 30 March 1851 shows him to be head of the household, living in Charney with his wife Anne, their son James b.1840 and Charles’ unmarried brother James b. about 1840. They have two household servants and Charles is listed as: “Farmer of 420 acres employing 38 labourers”.

The census of 7 April 1861 shows: Charles as head of the household in Charney. His wife Ann was born in East Hanney. Charles’ brother James is an unmarried miller. Charles’ daughter Elizabeth. born 1843. Son Charles b. 1846. Son James b.1850 and 2 servants. Charles is “Farmer of 670 acres employing 24 men and 7 boys”.

The census of 2 April 1871 shows Charles to be a widower living in Charney. Anne is gone but he still shares his home with: son Charles b.1846, son James b.1850, brother James b.1810, niece Ann (the daughter of Charles’ brother William) who is employed as housekeeper. There is also a visitor, George Henry Maskelyne, MRCS and LSA. (Member of the Royal College of Surgeons and Licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries, perhaps). Everyone but Charles is unmarried.   

They have two servants, cook and maid, and Charles is listed as: “Farmer of 600 acres employing 40 labourers”.

Charles died 11 Feb 1872 and was buried in Charney on 15 Feb 1872. Charles and Ann or Anne share a grave and headstone.

Thomas Beesley 1853 – 1858. Infant death.

The son of Charles Beesley (farmer) & Anne (nee Lyford). Baptised 28 Dec 1853. Buried 30 Mar 1858. His gravestone is in Charney churchyard, next to that of his parents. His stone is quite small and tipped forward, making it difficult to read.