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Dunch Family Tree

Taken from an old Charney Manor Booklet

Dunch Family Tree

In 1582 Sir William Dunch of Little Wittenham, once auditor of the Mint to Henry VIII and Edward VI, and now squire extraordinary to Queen Elizabeth I, bought the estate including ‘The Manors of Charney and Basseys’ from William Powlett. Frances Yate was a tenant for Charney Manor but sublet it to William and James Coxedd.

After Sir William Dunch’s death his eldest son, Sir Edmund Dunch (knighted by James I), tried to buy out the Coxedds but he was not able to occupy Charney Manor until the death or removal of old James Coxedd in 1615, when the lease was assigned to Sir Edmund’s son, Samuel Dunch, who also held the Manor of Pusey.

It was probably about 1680 when the Dunchs had vacant possession that they carried out major alterations to Charney Manor.

Three generations held the Manor after Samuel, until in 1708 it passed, together with other estates to Frances Keck of Great Tew (see the Keck map he had drawn up) through his marriage to Jane Dunch, the last of the family.

Adapted from Charney Manor Booklet.