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Timeline with pictures

Charney Bassett timeline

c 4000 to c 2,500 BCNeolithic Axe Head (found in River Ock dredgings)Neolithic
Axe Head
c 2500 to 800 BCRound BarrowsBronze Age
800 BC to 43 ADCherbury CampIron Age
43 to 410 ADRomano British SettlementRoman
410 to 1066Saxon BroochSaxon
600 - 1100Wooden Church?Saxon
1250 and 1280Charney Manor BuiltMedieval
Early 1100sSt Peter's builtNorman
1322Visit from the reigning Abbot of Abingdon
1848 - 1956Wesleyan Methodist ChapelModern
1953Electricity Arrives
10th February 1956Village Hall Modern
October 2014?Fibre Broadband arrivesModern