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Concealed Garments

A ‘hidden cache’ of  items were found in the chimney of a house in Charney Bassett.  The fireplace had been boarded up, and was opened up when the house was renovated. The fireplace and chimney would appear to date from the early 17th century, although part of the building is almost certainly older. It is the same chimney that has the Apotropic burn marks on the bressumer over the fireplace.

Items found:

  1. Single shoe. 18th century.  Fairly small for an adult.
  2. One leg of a pair of breeches.  18th century.  Made from unbleached fabric, probably a cotton and linen mix, lined, metal buttons, drop fly.  Well worn and has been patched; patches also of unbleached fabric but with a different weave.  The legs of these breeches appear to have been carefully and deliberately separated along the seam and the drop fly cut down the middle.  Fairly small so may have belonged to a young person.
  3. Agricultural labourers smock. Uncertain of date.  unbleached fabric, and patched.  Not in very good condition but would appear to have been deliberately damaged before concealment.

Other items, described by the finder as as ‘witch bundles’, were apparently found at the same time but they do not survive.

Sue Wales

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Images of the Charney Cache [Sue Wales]. Click to enlarge and scroll